Power Platform 24

The sessions are here! https://365.training/Courses/Detail/power24

Power Platform 24 is the 24-hour virtual conference focused on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Join Power Platform enthusiasts and Microsoft dignitaries from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your timezone.

This is a free community driven conference.

Find sessions here https://365.training/Courses/Detail/power24

  • Microsoft PowerApps 
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Power BI
  • Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps portals


Session Title


PowerApps, Flow, and SharePoint - Oh My!

Shane Young

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Ben Vollmer

Deep Dive on the Common Data Service

Marco Amoedo

The Power of Microsoft Flow & Forms Pro

Megan Walker

Power BI Alchemy

Matt Wittemann

Crash Course in PowerApps Portals

Nick Doelman

Grow Flow with Low Code

Michael Ochs

Workflow to Flow: Upgrading your Automation

Aiden Kaskela

An all demo view of Microsoft’s new Power platform

Chuck Sterling & Daniel Christian

Working with Liquid Templates in Power Portals

Jim Novak

Using Microsoft Flow with PowerApps

Jason Cosman

Building Awesome Templates in D365 for Marketing

Allison Fierce

Iron Man vs Hawkeye (PCF vs Canvas Apps)

Ee Lane Yu & Natraj Yegnaraman

Tame Forms with Power Platform, Portals and AI

Phil Topness

Microsoft Flow Expressions

Reza Dorrani

Getting creative with PowerApps Component Framework

Roohi Shaikh

'Accessibility' for D365 & PowerApp Projects

Yawer Iqbal

Intelligent CRM - Configure your own Next Best Actions with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Lisa Crosbie

How Talent can digitize a forgotten HR department

Malin Donoso Martnes

Accelerate Business Transformation with AI Builder

Hamish Shield & Chris Thompson

The new new Customer Service Experience

Mark Christie

Extending D365 Talent with the PowerPlatform

Malin Donoso Martnes

Boost user experience in your business processes with Adaptive Cards

Tomasz Poszytek

You got your CRM in my Teams!

Joel Lindstrom