Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition Overview and Demo

Speaker: Joel Leichty |

(Note from Julie:  I asked Joel to join us and share a what do CRM developers need to know about F&O session.  Bring your questions!)

Join us at 9am PST

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, is software for Accounting, Inventory, Warehousing, Retail, and Project management.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How D365FO fits into the rest of the D365 family, including where there’s overlap
  • Demo of the basic UI concepts and modules
  • Integration concepts
  • Overview of development and customization paradigm
  • Bring your questions for Q&A


About the presenter

Joel Leichty is a Business Solutions MVP since 2013 (https://joelleichty.com/). He has done implementations on D365FO since it was “Axapta 2.5” in 2002. He did Finance, Project, and Inventory consulting for ten years, and he currently focuses on building Products and Business Intelligence solutions for D365FO customers. He works for SAGlobal (http://www.saglobal.us/), an international firm specializing in Dynamics 365 implementations and running Dynamics 365 internally.

Future-proofing your Configuration with Chris Huntingford

Speaker: Chris Huntingford |

Often Dynamics 365 solutions are configured without thought of the already existing functionality within the platform as well as what is coming out in the future releases. In this presentation I’ll be talking about some of the best practices in future proofing your configuration to make sure that your customers get the absolute best from the platform.

Integrations with Azure Service Bus with Abe Saldana

Speaker: Abe Saldana |

Dynamics 365 provides out of the box capabilities to integrate with Azure and Service bus services. Learn  how easy you can integrate with Azure Service Bus Topics and Queues and extend Dynamics 365 Online to external applications

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, participants will learn how to configure Dynamics 365 online service endpoints and been able to send messages to Azure Service Bus, Topics and Queues, using tools and development integrations out of the box

Common Configurator Mistakes with MVPs Joel Lindstrom and Shawn Tabor

Speaker: Joel Lindstrom |

In this session, MVPs Joel Lindstrom and Shawn Tabor will talk about common mistakes that Dynamics 365 configurators make when developing Dynamics solutions. Learn how you can avoid these common mistakes.

PowerBI and Machine Learning in Azure with MVP Scott Sewell

Speaker: Scott Sewell |

Join Microsoft MVP Scott Sewell for a webinar where you will see how Power BI is an amazing tool to surface the information from within the depths of Dynamics 365. Beyond the visuals, we’ll discuss connection strategies and compare PowerBI to other reporting and visualization features within CRM for best-fit scenarios. We’ll also explore calling Azure Machine Learning from within a CRM workflow as a surprisingly effective way to score leads and avoid being left underwater in unprocessed data.