Embedding Canvas Apps in Model-Driven (Dynamics 365) forms

Speaker: Colin Vermander |

Dynamics 365 provides a powerful platform and now you can embed your pixel perfect canvas apps in your Dynamics 365 forms.  Learn at this session how you can create enhanced user experiences with PowerApps inside of a Dynamics 365 entity form.  Understand how you can pass data from Dynamics 365 and how this will enable you to create all new ways to display not only your Dynamics 365 data but also leverage other external data sources with the PowerApps connector framework.  See demos of how to embed your control, connect your PowerApp to a custom data source and manage canvas apps as part of the Dynamics 365 solution architecture.

Backup and restore strategies for Dynamics 365 CE Online

Speaker: Marius Lind |

Dynamics 365 CE online comes with a limited OOTB backup option; back up the entire instance, and save the backup for a few days. In this session we will talk about different strategies for backing up data and how to restore it should the worst happen.

Target audience: DevOps

Level: 200

Azure Functions integration scenarios with Dynamics 365

Speaker: Salim Adamon |

In this session, we will start by talking about what Azure Functions are, what they do and how much it cost to use them. Then We will discuss how, why and when they can be integrated with Dynamics 365 CE.

Authentication - How to get everything wrong

Speaker: Marius Lind |

There are plenty of integration scenarios where authenticating with Dynamics 365 is a challenge. In this session we take a look at how you shouldn't do it (and why), and how you can do it.

This session is highly technical and we'll take a deep dive into code examples, which will be available on GitHub after the presentation.

Audience: developers, software architects and devops.

Level: 300 (starts off at level 100-ish and builds up)



Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure: A partnership of experience, depth and exciting growth

Speaker: Anne Stanton |

What does this really mean? Come to this session for an interactive discussion on Azure power embedded in Dynamics 365 and what Dynamics 365 brings to Azure. We will also discuss key areas of thought after moving or starting/ with Dynamics 365 Online. "Have you set up your Azure Groups to align to your Dynamics 365 instances? What about defining your layers of administrators? In terms of the application, have you decided on Relevance Search and set your relevant search entities?