Power Platform 24 - Cinco De Mayo Edition!

Speaker: | (Local Time)

Our session list has been posted!

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Let's build PCF Control

Speaker: Andrew Butenko | (Local Time)

During the session I plan to walk participants through the process of development of PCF controls that starting from initiation of the project, through coding and troubleshooting and to deployment of the control to the CDS instance. Visit my session and bring ideas of your controls!

Using Polly & Simmy with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Limits to build resilient integrations

Speaker: Mohsin Mirza | (Local Time)

  • In this session, I'll cover the following:
    • A quick recap of my last session (setting the stage)
    • Demos using serial, parallel, and batch requests
    • Demos using Polly
    • Demo making it battle-ready using chaos engineering
    • Q&A
  • Who should attend:
    • Anyone who is interested in building custom .NET framework/dotnet core integrations with Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI and hasn't used Polly
    • .NET/C#/Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI knowledge is required for this session
  • What they will learn:
    • How to use Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI
    • How to add resiliency to their integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365
    • How to make battle-ready integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365 using chaos engineering

Power Platform ALM: Why you Care and What's coming next

Speaker: Phil Topness | (Local Time)

In this session we’ll be covering the ALM Apps and Components that are being developed for the CoE Starter Kit. The components are intended to be a starting point for customers to implement healthy Power Platform ALM practices in their organization leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub. The two Apps that are part of the ALM Components are geared toward two different audiences.

  1. ALM Accelerator for Makers is geared toward the Maker with little or no experience in ALM concepts implemented by DevOps and Github but want to be able to source control and deploy their apps as efficiently as possible.
  2. ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers is geared toward those users / organizations which require more control over the ALM process and have a general understanding of stanrard ALM practices and technologies.
The following will be covered in the session.
  1. An overview of Power Platform ALM concepts and the ideas behind the ALM Components for the CoE Starter Kit
  2. A demonstration of the ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers
  3. A demonstration of the ALM Accelerator for Makers

Enterprise Document Generation using Microsoft Technologies

Speaker: Igor Shvets | (Local Time)

In this session, we will see how to create simple and complex documents (including approvals) in Word and PDF using nothing but Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Power Automate.

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