Create a functional, interactive and meaningful chatbot with Power Automate

Speaker: Artur Zielinski | (Local Time)

In-depth, hands-on overview of CRM Bot's approach to Conversational AI agent building. Learn how to utilise advanced Power Automate patterns, infusing Azure Custom Vision, Natural Language Understanding, real-time translation, integration with Twilio, Messenger, Teams & front end react apps. Use advanced authentication patterns to streamline your customers' journeys through your chatbot. Respond with Adaptive Cards, rich media messages, dynamically built menus. Integrate with QnA Maker for easy knowledge sharing.

Introduction to COE toolkit

Speaker: Geetha Chockalingam | (Local Time)

This session will cover the governance principles that need to be kept in mind while framing a COE and the places where toolkit would help to accelerate the admin's job in establishing and maintaining the COE.

Introduction to GitHub Actions for Power Platform

Speaker: Natraj Yegnaraman | (Local Time)

Azure DevOps was the only official Microsoft product for doing ALM with Power Platform. GitHub Actions has been gaining a lot of support in the open-source community, and so Microsoft has also released a set of Actions specifically for Power Platform. In this session, I will introduce GitHub Actions, show you some tools, tips & tricks with GitHub Actions and also how to use the Power Platform Actions.

Additional resources from our speaker:
Awesome Actions Repo
Windows 2019 Runner Spec
GitHub Actions Documentation
GitHub Actions VSCode Extension
My Power Apps Solution Actions
My Power Apps Solution Checker Action
Power Platform Actions Lab
Self Hosted Runner

ALM for Power Platform/Dynamics 365 CE using Power Platform Build Tools

Speaker: Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam | (Local Time)

In this session, I will explain the Application lifecycle management(ALM) for the Microsoft Power Platform(PowerApps, Power Automate) and Dynamics 365 CE components using Power Platform Build Tools. Also, I will explain how to set up the source control, VSTS build and release pipeline using the Power Platform Build Tools

Using Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Limits to build resilient integrations

Speaker: Mohsin Mirza | (Local Time)

  • In this session, I'll cover the following topics:
    • Various approaches for integration (brief ~ 5 to 10 mins)
    • A little bit of history of the CRM SDK of how we ended-up with where we are today (5 to 10 mins)
    • Platform insights/inner workings of API limits (5 to 10 mins)
    • Overview and demos with Polly
    • Demo of Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI
    • Q&A
  • Who should attend:
    • Anyone who is interested in building custom .NET framework/dotnet core integrations with Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI and hasn't used Polly
    • .NET/C#/Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI knowledge is required for this session
  • What they will learn:
    • How to use Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI
    • How to add resiliency to their integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365