Application Modules and Designers

Speaker: Mahesh Hariharan | (Local Time)

Join us November 1 (9am pacific) and learn how to build and consume business apps with the new Application designer and SiteMap designer. The session will provide an overview of the simplified design experience of business apps and how these are lighted at runtime.

What logic to use where with Gustaf Westerlund

Speaker: Gustaf Westerlund | (Local Time)

Which logic to use where?

Plugins, workflows, Actions, calculated fields and more. CRM has a plethora of different ways of creating logic. However, they are not all the same and not all good for the same tasks. Join MVP and Solutions Architect Gustaf Westerlund with experience from Dynamics CRM since version 1.2 as he gives an overview of the different techniques, what they are good for and some recommendations on when to choose the different ones.

USD for developers with Derik Bormann

Speaker: Derik Bormann | (Local Time)

Unified Service Desk for Dynamics CRM, is configuration-based framework that allows for quickly building agent applications for contact centers.  Configuration is done from inside Dynamics CRM and deployed agent desktops.

 In this overview session, we will and explore the different deployment options available as well as introduce to the fundamental components involved in a USD deployment.  We will also look at the options for extending USD functionality such as creating custom hosted applications, and modifying application layout. 

Business Process Flows Best Practices and Gotchas with David Mochrie

Speaker: David Mochrie | (Local Time)

Join us June 7 at a special time, 3pm pacific. Business Process Flows have been in CRM since 2013, and have been enhanced with many releases since. They represent a great opportunity for a customer’s business processes to be modeled inside CRM and can contribute strongly to Microsoft’s vision of CRM contributing to greater productivity for its users.

Automated testing using open source tools with Daryl LaBar

Speaker: Daryl LaBar | (Local Time)

Automated Testing of Plugins and Workflows In CRM Using Open Source Tools

Automated Testing of CRM Plugins and Workflows efficiently, and effectively presents a real challenge for anyone new to either CRM .net development, or new to automated testing in general.  The good news is there are a couple opens source XRM unit testing frameworks that exist to help remove the barriers/costs of developing Crm automated tests.


In this session, we'll compare and contrast two in memory, open source testing frameworks, FakeXrmEasy by @jordimontana and XrmUnitTest by @ddlabar, how to install them, and how to perform basic tests, advanced tests, and even integration tests with CRM itself.