IFD Deployments of Dynamics

Speaker: Chris Cognetta |

IFD Deployments of Dynamics

Join Business Solutions MVP Chris Cognetta on Tuesday June 6 at 9am pacific.  In today's Dynamics CRM deployments, internet-facing deployments and the mobile worker need to be considered. This intermediate, technical presentation will help you understand how to install ADFS/IFD for your Dynamics CRM system and support Mobile CRM scenarios.

Why you really need Azure Functions

Speaker: Jason Lattimer |

 Why You Really Need Azure Functions


Join Business Solutions MVP Jason Lattimer on Tuesday May 16 at 9am pacific. 


Have some code that's maybe not quite a full application that you need to deploy without worrying about the hassle of managing environments? Well look no further than Azure Functions! Yes, you're probably thinking there's already a dozen other ways to host an application that you already know about so why think about another? Azure Functions provide a uniquely flexible platform which allows developers to deploy code in multiple ways using multiple languages while being able to bind directly Azure or HTTP based triggers. If that doesn't sound appealing then at least you could tell everyone you're going serverless, which sounds cool, right? In this session we'll explore scenarios where using Azure Functions could be useful, pros and cons compared to other technologies, and plenty of examples to give you some ideas. 

Advanced Liquid Templates for Dynamics 365 portals

Speaker: Colin Vermander |


Join us Wednesday April 26 at 9am pacific with Colin Vermander of adoxio

Liquid is an open-source template language integrated into Dynamics 365 portals. It allows you to build dynamic content to pages, and to create a wide variety of templates with your own layouts.  But what else can you do?  In this session we will look at how you can build custom handlers to retrieve data with custom data return types, write an API for reading data, display CRM charts and build a single page app right within the portal itself.  Learn the lesser documented features and functionality that exists within the liquid template language for Dynamics 365 portals and how to build modern powerful web applications.

ISV Showcase - AM

Speaker: Julie Yack |

Join xRMVirtual as we present an ISV showcase featuring some of the tools and add-ins from our Dynamics community.

You'll hear from the following ISVs:

  • WordPress and Dynamics 365: Awesome portal in 15 minutes
    WordPress powers more than 25% of all web sites in the world. Dynamics 365 is the new standard in sales, customer service, field service, and industry solutions. Now they can work together, thanks to Dynamics 365 WordPress Plugin and open source CRM PHP toolkit, both built with love by AlexaCRM team. Control your site in WordPress, keep your data in Dynamics 365. Link your WordPress users and Dynamics 365 contacts, accounts, and custom entities to create secure portal solutions for your prospects, customers, partners, and communities.
  • Maplytics™ is one of the most comprehensive multi-language geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics CRM / 365 that empowers users to visualize Dynamics CRM data on map with territory Management, radius & time based proximity search, appointment scheduling, building optimized route and sharing, finding nearby places, targeted locational marketing list, Heat Maps and real-time data visualization on dashboards amongst others.
  • Event2CRM™ is an easy-to-use application that extends the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 and CRM 2016, 2015, 2013 or 2011 with the power of Eventbrite, the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services.
  • Join  KingswaySoft to learn how you can use their SSIS based solutions to manage data integration and migration for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. In this session, we will quickly walk you through some key features of the SSIS Integration Toolkit software, you will learn how to work with some typical integration challenges with ease. 

Dynamics 365 Portals Development Primer

Speaker: Nick Doelman |

In 2015 Microsoft acquired Adxstudio Portals and in 2016 released the Dynamics 365 Online Portals Add-On. Dynamic 365 power users are able to quickly deploy powerful portal applications directly connected to Dynamics 365 (Customer Engagement).

This presentation from Nick Doelman, Manager of CRM Solution Development BDO IT Solutions, is geared towards 365/CRM developers who need to get ramped up to extend the new 365 Online Portals beyond standard configuration. The session will provide pointers, tips, techniques and some quick demonstrations of when and where to use custom JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, Liquid Templates, Plug-ins/Workflows and Custom Azure Web Apps in Portal projects.