Common Configurator Mistakes with MVPs Joel Lindstrom and Shawn Tabor

Speaker: Joel Lindstrom |

In this session, MVPs Joel Lindstrom and Shawn Tabor will talk about common mistakes that Dynamics 365 configurators make when developing Dynamics solutions. Learn how you can avoid these common mistakes.

PowerBI and Machine Learning in Azure with MVP Scott Sewell

Speaker: Scott Sewell |

Join Microsoft MVP Scott Sewell for a webinar where you will see how Power BI is an amazing tool to surface the information from within the depths of Dynamics 365. Beyond the visuals, we’ll discuss connection strategies and compare PowerBI to other reporting and visualization features within CRM for best-fit scenarios. We’ll also explore calling Azure Machine Learning from within a CRM workflow as a surprisingly effective way to score leads and avoid being left underwater in unprocessed data.

Automating Business Process Stage Progression with Configuration with Sara Airgood

Speaker: Sara Airgood |

Automating Business Process Stage Progression with Configuration

Recent improvements to business process flows allow stage transitions to be automated via workflow. Business Processes are now entities and can be referenced in lookups and referenced in Dynamics 365 workflows. Demo and explanation of how to automate Business Process Flow stage progression with workflows.

TypeScript and Dynamics 365/CRM: Client-side coding done right

Speaker: Martin Kasban Tange |

TypeScript and Dynamics 365/CRM: Client-side coding done right

Coding and maintaining JavaScript for Dynamics CRM can be quite a hassle if you don’t have a way to manage it properly. Besides knowing how the client-side API works, it also relies on a lot of precise strings to accomplish anything meaningful in regard to the way the specific CRM system is set up.


However, by utilizing TypeScript and its many benefits, implementing client-side logic becomes an easy and fast task to accomplish.


This is where the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil comes into the picture: a tool called XrmDefinitelyTyped. Instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding needs.


Just like early-bound C# classes enable developers to quickly and confidently write custom server-side logic, these generated TypeScript interfaces enable developers to do so client-side as well. Interfaces are generated both for implementing form logic, but also for interacting with the OData endpoints in a type-safe manner (both the old REST endpoint and the new Web API).

Business Edition vs Enterprise Edition: what you need to know

Speaker: Chris Cognetta |

Please join fellow Dynamics 365 MVPs Chris Cognetta and Steve Mordue company presenting Dynamics 365 Spring Release Business Edition. Learn about the new features, limitations and how it will impact your organization moving forward. In this open session, Chris will answer your questions live and on-demand. A great opportunity in case you missed the Spring Release Blitz. Please remember this is pre-release software and is subject to change.