Dynamics 365 Portals

Speaker: Ashish Rana | (Local Time)

Learn about the recent release of Dynamics 365 portals with new features like integration with SharePoint, How to publish a Power BI report to portal and simple steps to publish an entity to the portal.

The road ahead for Power Platform with Charles Lamanna

Speaker: Charles Lamanna | (Local Time)

Join Microsoft's Charles Lamanna to talk about the road ahead and an AMA all about the Power Platform.

10th Anniversary All-star AMA

Speaker: Julie Yack | (Local Time)

Join us for our xRM all-star ask me anything!  We are working hard to get some great people to stop by and celebrate our 10 years of serving our community.  Join us!


Confirmed so far:

Ryan Cunningham

Charles Lamanna

Matt Barbour

Julie Yack

David Yack

Daryl LaBar

Colin Vermander

Chris Cognetta

Matt Wittemann

Embedding Canvas Apps in Model-Driven (Dynamics 365) forms

Speaker: Colin Vermander | (Local Time)

Dynamics 365 provides a powerful platform and now you can embed your pixel perfect canvas apps in your Dynamics 365 forms.  Learn at this session how you can create enhanced user experiences with PowerApps inside of a Dynamics 365 entity form.  Understand how you can pass data from Dynamics 365 and how this will enable you to create all new ways to display not only your Dynamics 365 data but also leverage other external data sources with the PowerApps connector framework.  See demos of how to embed your control, connect your PowerApp to a custom data source and manage canvas apps as part of the Dynamics 365 solution architecture.

Backup and restore strategies for Dynamics 365 CE Online

Speaker: Marius Lind | (Local Time)

Dynamics 365 CE online comes with a limited OOTB backup option; back up the entire instance, and save the backup for a few days. In this session we will talk about different strategies for backing up data and how to restore it should the worst happen.

Target audience: DevOps

Level: 200