Creating a Teams status indicator light

Speaker: Benedikt Bergmann | (Local Time)

In this session, you will learn how to create a teams status indicator light using NodeJS and a Raspberry Pi. In the course of the session, we will assemble the Raspberry PI and install all needed software as well as look at the NodeJS application.

Virtualization in Dataverse - Virtual Tables and the upcoming Virtual Connector Providers

Speaker: Henrique Silvestre | (Local Time)

In this session, we will discuss the concept and use of virtual tables, why are they relevant, when should they be used and a demo of them working. We will also briefly talk about the next upcoming feature "Virtual Connector Providers" currently in private preview within Microsoft. Once it is out there, it will allow us to use connectors to streamline data to Dataverse. I'll not brush bits in this session so both Pro and Citizen developers are welcome.

Monitoring your plugins with App Insights

Speaker: Joseph Duty | (Local Time)

How many times have you written complex plugins and needed to gain insights into usage/bugs/performance issues/etc? Plugin trace log is a decent feature to get granular for debugging purposes in development environments, but is severely limited for investigating production scenarios given lack of searchability, reportability, and usability, as well as for macro-level analysis like usage and performance trends. Enter App Insights Monitoring of Plugins, where you can have a dedicated monitoring tool that is fully queryable and massively scalable to the largest production workloads.

Power Platform 24 - Cinco De Mayo Edition!

Speaker: | (Local Time)

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Let's build PCF Control

Speaker: Andrew Butenko | (Local Time)

During the session I plan to walk participants through the process of development of PCF controls that starting from initiation of the project, through coding and troubleshooting and to deployment of the control to the CDS instance. Visit my session and bring ideas of your controls!