Revamping Power Apps Controls

Speaker: Hardit Bhatia |

Power Apps controls although configurable are very basic in look and feel. They make Power Apps look different than native phone apps. This session will walk you through a detailed step-by-step design for various controls – text input field, tooltips, floating action buttons, and date picker control, making Power Apps look as beautiful and functional than any native phone app!

The meeting recording can be found here

Let's do a live chat with Omnichannel for Customer Service

Speaker: Ashish Rana |

In this session, You will learn about the capabilities of Omnichannel for Customer Service and channel it supports. I will be demonstrating an Agent and Visitor’s Live chat from Power Apps Portal. So will learn also how to embed Chat widget to Power Apps Portal.


Converting your Dynamics Processes into Power Automate Flows

Speaker: Jason Cosman |

We will be walking through several Dynamics 365 processes and building Power Automate Flows to replace them. While creating these Flows we'll discuss best practices and standards.


Scopes and run after. Make your Flow running errorless.

Speaker: Tomasz Poszytek |

Have you seen the scope control in list of Flow's actions? Have you ever thought how to use it and basically, why is it there?
Maybe you have also noticed the "run after" functionality?
If you haven't had yet, or have had, but still in doubt how to, join this session!

You'll learn:
* how and when to use those functionalities in your Flows
* how to create a try-catch constructions
* in which other patterns you can use them

Smart usage of scopes and run after functionalities helps your Flows to run really errorless. It's really good to be familiar with them.


The ultimate guide to UX design in PowerApps apps

Speaker: Michal Guzowski |

The application UX is a key to better adoption. Adoption ties to revenue. This means your PowerApps app UX become more of a product than an internal tool to help productivity. How to create intuitive design? And what does intuitive design actually means? In my session I'll show you apps examples ("before-after" effect) and simple rules to follow, in order to increase adoption of your PowerApps apps (and revenue in result).