Transforming Data into Decisions: Top 10 Data Storytelling Techniques in Power BI

Speaker: Alice Drummond |

As data analysts, we are constantly challenged to think harder about how we can turn mountains of data into business actions. Join Alice for an interactive, demo heavy session packed full of Power BI hacks, tips and tricks, where she showcases her TOP 10 storytelling techniques from a range of case studies across the environmental industry. Check out this short video for a preview of the Australian Environmental Water Story Alice will be sharing in her session:

Alice shares clever DAX patterns and hacks to make your reports more dynamic. Alice demo’s her favourite custom visuals to make your reports really stand out, including Synoptic Panel, MapBox and DiscoverEI’s very own custom visual geological bore log. Alice demo's how to add another dimension to your report by incorporating the new AI visuals such as Q&A and Decomposition Tree. Alice shares tips and tricks to bring your data to life, such as using icons, embedding animated GIFs and videos in your reports. Alice demo’s techniques to help you make the most out of your precious report real estate through the use of bookmarks and report page tooltips, to create intuitive reports with a seamless user experience. Alice will share tips to get the most out of the Power BI App by embedding videos, feedback forms, reports and powerpoints inside the App to help design more meaningful, engaging and interactive reports.

Additional Speakers

  • Christian Borovac