10th Anniversary All-star AMA

Speaker: Julie Yack | (Local Time)

Join us for our xRM all-star ask me anything!  We are working hard to get some great people to stop by and celebrate our 10 years of serving our community.  Join us!


Confirmed so far:

Ryan Cunningham

Charles Lamanna

Matt Barbour

Julie Yack

David Yack

Daryl LaBar

Colin Vermander

Chris Cognetta

Matt Wittemann


Julie Yack
David Yack
Daryl LaBar — Daryl is a 2016 CRM MVP with over 5 years of Consulting experience with CRM Development. He is very active in the open source community. He contributes to the XrmToolBox (XrmToolBox.com) on a regular basis, is the creator of the XTB plugins "Early Bound Generator" and "Attribute Manager", and also helps maintain the DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definition files. Daryl is also the creator of XrmUnitTest, an opensource C# Xrm Unit Testing / Framework Library, and a top Stack Overflow contributor for CRM being in the top 5 Stack Overflow users for any and all Crm related Tags.
Colin Vermander — Technical Director for Services Delivery with Adoxio Business Solutions helping delight customers with awesome solutions! Solution architect and full stack developer primarily works in the .NET technology stack and Microsoft product family. Passion for building solutions to technically challenging problems and especially finds it rewarding to be able to create a solution that exceeds expectations.