Create a functional, interactive and meaningful chatbot with Power Automate

Speaker: Artur Zielinski | (Local Time)

In-depth, hands-on overview of CRM Bot's approach to Conversational AI agent building. Learn how to utilise advanced Power Automate patterns, infusing Azure Custom Vision, Natural Language Understanding, real-time translation, integration with Twilio, Messenger, Teams & front end react apps. Use advanced authentication patterns to streamline your customers' journeys through your chatbot. Respond with Adaptive Cards, rich media messages, dynamically built menus. Integrate with QnA Maker for easy knowledge sharing.


Artur Zielinski — Experienced, versatile and innovative Microsoft Dynamics Solution Architect with 8+ years experience in the industry (CRM 11, 13, 15, 16 & d365). An enthusiast of CX, chatbots, conversational design, AI, machine learning and UX design. A co-founder of CRM Bot, revolutionary d365/Power Automate chatbot platform. Public speaker at technology events worldwide.