TypeScript and Dynamics 365/CRM: Client-side coding done right

Speaker: Martin Kasban Tange |

TypeScript and Dynamics 365/CRM: Client-side coding done right

Coding and maintaining JavaScript for Dynamics CRM can be quite a hassle if you don’t have a way to manage it properly. Besides knowing how the client-side API works, it also relies on a lot of precise strings to accomplish anything meaningful in regard to the way the specific CRM system is set up.


However, by utilizing TypeScript and its many benefits, implementing client-side logic becomes an easy and fast task to accomplish.


This is where the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil comes into the picture: a tool called XrmDefinitelyTyped. Instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding needs.


Just like early-bound C# classes enable developers to quickly and confidently write custom server-side logic, these generated TypeScript interfaces enable developers to do so client-side as well. Interfaces are generated both for implementing form logic, but also for interacting with the OData endpoints in a type-safe manner (both the old REST endpoint and the new Web API).

About Martin Kasban Tange

Company: Delegate A/S Title: Consultant & Chief Architect of CRM Development Description: Software Engineer with a drive to improve the development experience of everyday work by using the newest technologies and ideas. He is currently the Chief Architect of CRM development and tooling at Delegate A/S, and is the creator of several tools developed here – including XrmDefinitelyTyped.