Using Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Limits to build resilient integrations

Speaker: Mohsin Mirza | (Local Time)

  • In this session, I'll cover the following topics:
    • Various approaches for integration (brief ~ 5 to 10 mins)
    • A little bit of history of the CRM SDK of how we ended-up with where we are today (5 to 10 mins)
    • Platform insights/inner workings of API limits (5 to 10 mins)
    • Overview and demos with Polly
    • Demo of Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI
    • Q&A
  • Who should attend:
    • Anyone who is interested in building custom .NET framework/dotnet core integrations with Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI and hasn't used Polly
    • .NET/C#/Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI knowledge is required for this session
  • What they will learn:
    • How to use Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI
    • How to add resiliency to their integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365


Mohsin Mirza — I've been working with Dynamics CRM since the 3.0/4.0 days. I am an enthusiast of the xRM platform and very much into all things technical/SDK/integration related.