Speaker: Mike Hartley | (Local Time)

When was the last time you were asked to make a project accessible? Or when we're you actively encouraged to incorporate accessibility into the design and build? If, like me, that's "Never" then join me for an exploration into some quick and simple ways to make our solutions #AccessibleByDesign What's even better is that this won't cost anything extra, and only needs us to just think as we build.


Mike Hartley — Using Dynamics from the heady days of CRM 3.0 through to the splendour of Dynamics 365 / Power Platform, and yet managing to maintain a sense of humour throughout. A 25+ year veteran in IT having worked in everything from Schools to Automotive, High-Tech to Spuds, Startups to Multinationals. A family man who somehow hasn't scared them all away with his passion for the Power Platform and Microsoft 365.