Yes you Kanban - because Dynamics Marketing Events don't plan themselves

Speaker: Amey Holden | (Local Time)

Have you ever googled (or Bing-ed) Dynamics Marketing Event Management? We have - it sucks. It handles the customer experience of registration and attendance really great but the user experience for an event planner leaves some room for improvement.... In this session we will show you how we have leveraged the existing awesome functionality in Dynamics Event Management. Then with some added extras - transformed Dynamics Marketing, to help users not just 'manage' event registration but also plan and execute big events run by multiple co-located team members.


Amey Holden — A proud Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and dedicated ABC (Anything But Code) enthusiast. I am passionate about extending and improving Dynamics Customer Engagement & Marketing with the mighty Power Platform.
Georgia Mason — Microsoft Certified Functional Dynamics 365 Consultant with an extensive background in Marketing and Event Management. I have a passion for helping businesses evolve with technology.