Turn paper into cache using AI Builder

Speaker: Éric Sauvé | (Local Time)

In this session we will cover 3 of the core AI Builder models that allow you to convert paper document into data that you can integrate in your systems. After a brief overview of what AI Builder is about, we will get into the details of how to build and use the following types of models: * Receipt Scanning * Form Processing * Text Recognition At the end of this session you will understand the potential of how these tools could help your organization move into automated processing of paper to digital information.


Éric Sauvé — With more than 20 years of experience in IT and with a diverse path that led me to build new businesses from scratch as well as participate actively in the growth of other's companies that I've joined.. I've developed awareness of what are the business key drivers that allow technology to be impactful. Very agile and adaptive to rapid changes and involved in the community, I've gained great knowledge about the potential the Power Platform brings to different organizations. Dynamics CRM, Power Apps (Canvas and Model-Driven), CDS, Power Automate (flows), Power Virtual Agents (bots), AI Builder... Yeah I've worked on that ;-) In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and engage in some outdoor sports by participating in deep-diving and rock/boulder climbing.