Working with Complex Data Types in Canvas Apps and Power Automate Flows

Speaker: Roohi Shaikh | (Local Time)

In this session we have a look at displaying, editing and saving values from Lookups, Polymorphic lookups, optionsets and multi-select optionsets.


Roohi Shaikh — Roohi is an 8x Microsoft Business Applications MVP. A tech nerd, she first started her journey with Microsoft CRM v3.0 and from then on has followed the product from MSCRM to Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 to Power Platform! Being a developer at heart, have been following the capabilities of the no-code/ low-code platforms like Power Apps and Power Automate and the rapid strides of these technologies in main stream. Roohi lives in Mumbai, India and leads Inogic a globally renowned ISV in the Business Applications ecosystem.