Power Platform ALM: Why you Care and What's coming next

Speaker: Phil Topness | (Local Time)

In this session we’ll be covering the ALM Apps and Components that are being developed for the CoE Starter Kit. The components are intended to be a starting point for customers to implement healthy Power Platform ALM practices in their organization leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub. The two Apps that are part of the ALM Components are geared toward two different audiences.
  1. ALM Accelerator for Makers is geared toward the Maker with little or no experience in ALM concepts implemented by DevOps and Github but want to be able to source control and deploy their apps as efficiently as possible.
  2. ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers is geared toward those users / organizations which require more control over the ALM process and have a general understanding of stanrard ALM practices and technologies.
The following will be covered in the session.
  1. An overview of Power Platform ALM concepts and the ideas behind the ALM Components for the CoE Starter Kit
  2. A demonstration of the ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers
  3. A demonstration of the ALM Accelerator for Makers


Phil Topness — Phil is irrationally excited about applying technology to help people better do what they need to do. He helps the world's largest organizations maximize their results from Microsoft Power Platform as part of the Power Platform Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. 
Phil shows technology through live demonstrations--not slides.  He speaks at national and global events, about 80 demonstrations a year.  His presentations engage by showing how to leverage modern technology like cloud, low code, mixed reality and AI in real tangible ways that are built on stage in front the audience.
Phil is passionate about the plight of the users of the apps produced by our software and helping those users get better functionality, sooner.  He is also passionate about ensuring that project teams can do so with predictability and sustainability leading to better end products and work-life balance.
He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and three daughters.  But he and his wife get antsy and move around, most recently living in Germany
Michael Ochs — Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Developer and Evangelist. I have over 17 years of CRM Software Development experience and 14 years of MS Dynamics CRM/365 Development experience. I build add-ons for Dynamics 365 and speak extensively via webinars, trainings, local user groups and schools. I am also a regular speaker at Dynamics 365 industry events.
Marc Schweigert — Marc Schweigert has spent over 20 years developing, evangelizing, and helping sell software solutions ranging from departmental applications, commercial products, large scale enterprise systems, and multi-million user internet facing sites for both commercial and government organizations. He's spent the last 15+ years at Microsoft in various software development related roles covering the development side of technologies like SQL Server, BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server, Bing Maps, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and developer technologies including Visual Studio, the .NET Framework. He is currently a Principal Program Manager Lean in the Power CAT team, focused on driving customer success with Power Apps, Power Automate, Flow and the Common Data Service. In addition to his extensive industry experience, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the Virginia Military Institute