Power Platform 24 February 2020

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Power Platform 24 is the 25-hour (hey, it's leap year!) virtual conference focused on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Join Power Platform enthusiasts from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your timezone.

This is a free community driven conference.

  • Microsoft Power Apps 
  • Power Automate
  • Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps portals
  • Power BI
  • AI Builder
  • Power Virtual Agents

Thanks for joining us!  Recordings for the sessions can be found at https://365.training/Courses/Detail/power242020


Check out our excellent list of sessions! When the link to the meeeting is available, you will be able to join each session at the scheduled time.

You can also view a compact schedule view here:

Model-Driven and Canvas based Power Apps provide incredibly powerful tools for building business applications for internal users. What about external audiences such as customers and partners? Introducing Power Apps Portals! Jumpstart your Power Apps Portals projects as we walk through provisioning a new portal, configuring it to your brand, and securely exposing Common Data Service (CDS) data to external audiences.
Nick Doelman
In this session, we will have a broad overview the tools available and steps to take for developers to implement an application lifecycle management process for Dynamics 365 using Azure DevOps.
James Stephens
Now that you've gotten familiar with building some amazing forms or apps using zero or low-code, let's focus our attention on improving its performance. In this session, Daniel Christian, a Business Solutions Microsoft MVP and an early adopter of the Power Platform, will cover how you can plan building design of your app, choosing suitable functions and leveraging tools to significantly impact your app performance. This is a demo heavy session where you'll first-hand see what you should and should not do.
Daniel Christian
Build a new XrmToolbox plugin from scratch: Implementing the base plugin interfaces, designing your user control, testing, and sharing with the world through NuGet.
Jim Novak Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Dynamics 365 Technical Architect specializing in XRM development in the Federal Government space
In this session, you will learn about the key features and facts about AI Builder, the accessible method within the Power Platform that brings AI into your apps and automation.

We will walk through these 5 concepts:
  • Prebuilt Models
  • Custom Models
  • Ways to integrate
  • Release status
  • License model
Walk away with a clear picture and understanding of what can be done where and how you can integrate AI Builder into your organization.
Éric Sauvé — With many years of active work in the field of applied IT, automation and management solutions, I have demonstrated my high skills in taking charge of multiple projects of various styles and scopes. The level of complexity in terms of the number of stakeholders, suppliers, teams with different objectives met during client or internal mandates allowed me to develop a keen sense of management of constraints and conflicts. In addition, my achievements have been made in sometimes complex political contexts, with multilingual teams and on international interaction coverage. My clear understanding of the factors of business success has been demonstrated as an employee or contractor manager and as an independent advisor during my career path. 

Avec un grand nombre d'années de travail actif dans le domaine des solutions appliquées de l’informatique, automatisation et de la gestion, j’ai su démontrer mes aptitudes élevées à prendre charge de multiples projets à styles et ampleurs variés. Le niveau de complexité en terme de nombre d’intervenants, fournisseurs, équipes avec objectifs différents rencontrés lors de mandats clients ou interne m’a permis de développer un sens aigu de la gestion des contraintes et conflits. Par ailleurs, mes réalisations ont été effectuées dans des contextes politiques parfois complexes, avec des équipes multilingues et sur une couverture d’interaction internationale. Ma compréhension claire des facteurs de succès en affaires a pu être démontré comme gestionnaire employé ou à titre d'entrepreneur ainsi qu’à titre de conseiller indépendant au cours de mon cheminement professionnel. 
Embedded canvas apps provide the best of both worlds - the UI flexibility of a canvas app and the data focused approach of a model-driven app! However, there are certain limitations and challenges that can make working with embedded canvas apps tricky.
The focus of this session will be to walk you through these challenges and then demonstrate tricks to get past them. Some of the challenges that will be covered include:
  1. Fetching the complete contextual record
  2. Fetching values of related records
  3. Using collections
  4. Issues with testing
  5. Adjusting the look and feel
Hardit Bhatia — Hardit Bhatia is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP (Power Apps). He is also a Microsoft Power Apps Community Super User (Appstronaut) and currently works for Hitachi Solutions America as a Senior Manager/Architect in the D365 CE practice.
Gathering feedback from customers is vital to analyse what you're getting right, and what needs to be improved in terms of products and services offered. Microsoft Forms Pro survey variables can be created and used to show piped values in emails and survey questions; you can also use them to create links between different types of records providing you with a way to update them after responses are received. In this session, you will learn how to create new variables, where to use them, how to get the right data to display and provide a personalised and powerful experience.
Megan Walker Megan Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and an Independent Power Platform consultant with experience in web design, social media and marketing. She's a passionate blogger, writing about tips, tricks and ideas for non developer geeks.
So you know the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform integration with Teams, in this session we will take it to the next level:
  • Advanced notifications and interactive cards
  • Power Virtual Agent in Teams
  • Using Power Automate to extend the Teams integration
Joel Lindstrom

Joel Lindstrom is a 12 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP focused on Dynamics 365, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow. Joel works for Hitachi Solutions as a Principal Architect, and he is the founder and owner of CRM Audio, the leading Microsoft Business Applications focused podcast network.

This session will demonstrate how to integrate between Eventbrite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Eventbrite Webhooks, Custom Connectors and Microsoft Flow.

Aric Levin
The Power Apps Portal team is continuing to build and extend the product with new features, including a new supported and documented extensibility model to allow external data and services to be integrated with the portal. Learn the latest details and the new authentication model that is available and the patterns that it can be used in. Get your hands on templates and see real world examples of how this pattern can work to help you as a developer solve complex requirements that require custom server code.
In this session:
  • Understand the concept of a companion app to your portal
  • Learn how to pass portal user authentication between applications
  • Build custom server code on a modern .NET platform
  • Learn the best practices for implementation of companion app modules
  • Use the companion app and portal authentication outside of the Power Apps Portal
Bring back the power of the .NET Framework, CDS/Dynamics 365 SDK and C# to your portal applications in a secure and safe manner with what you will learn at this session. Go beyond the limitations of configuration options or liquid templates with the portal. Create the user experiences and use the services your projects demand with the concepts demonstrated.
Colin Vermander — Technical Director for Services Delivery with Adoxio Business Solutions helping delight customers with awesome solutions! Solution architect and full stack developer primarily works in the .NET technology stack and Microsoft product family. Passion for building solutions to technically challenging problems and especially finds it rewarding to be able to create a solution that exceeds expectations.
In this session, users will learn how to add sentiment analysis to Power Virtual Agents using Power Automate and Text Analytics (from Azure Cognitive Services). There will be a working live demo of the PVA bot and example to direct the chat based on the sentiment analysis of inputs of the user.
Yash Agarwal
Join us in this session for a tour of model-driven apps. See the OOB features and customization options and how to use model-driven apps to build responsive and robust apps.
Julie Yack
This session will focus on opportunities and challenges addressed by D365 for Field Service and Internet-of-Things. Learn about the work order lifecycle and create a customer service story that will maximize your employees efficiency while exceeding customer expectations.
Lucas Diaz
In this session, we will review how we can leverage Power Automate and integrate with Dynamics D365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management. We will couple of examples, but will be building one flow on the fly and demonstrate to the group.
Satish Panwar
Sukrut Parab
Explore some cool ways to enhance, extend and improve Dynamics Marketing by leveraging power platform tools in a way which is real world and practical. We will focus on improving both user and customer experience to help attain maximum ROI on Dynamics Marketing implementations by doing some cool and exciting magic with AI, Azure API's, Power Automate, Power Apps & Custom Controls.
Amey Holden
As data analysts, we are constantly challenged to think harder about how we can turn mountains of data into business actions. Join Alice for an interactive, demo heavy session packed full of Power BI hacks, tips and tricks, where she showcases her TOP 10 storytelling techniques from a range of case studies across the environmental industry. Check out this short video for a preview of the Australian Environmental Water Story Alice will be sharing in her session: https://youtu.be/pCUUJ_0FZys

Alice shares clever DAX patterns and hacks to make your reports more dynamic. Alice demo’s her favourite custom visuals to make your reports really stand out, including Synoptic Panel, MapBox and DiscoverEI’s very own custom visual geological bore log. Alice demo's how to add another dimension to your report by incorporating the new AI visuals such as Q&A and Decomposition Tree. Alice shares tips and tricks to bring your data to life, such as using icons, embedding animated GIFs and videos in your reports. Alice demo’s techniques to help you make the most out of your precious report real estate through the use of bookmarks and report page tooltips, to create intuitive reports with a seamless user experience. Alice will share tips to get the most out of the Power BI App by embedding videos, feedback forms, reports and powerpoints inside the App to help design more meaningful, engaging and interactive reports.
Alice Drummond
Christian Borovac
Traditional methods for preparing a project proposal can involve months of analysis and discovery and produce project plans that are wildly inaccurate.
In this session, you'll learn how to use User Story Mapping and within a few hours reach consensus on the features you will deploy in each release, the timeline and costs for each release, and the team you'll need to build your Microsoft Business Application.
Neil Benson
Late 2019 Microsoft released V2 of the Power Platform / Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator.
The Industry Accelerators are solutions that you install on your Power Platform environment. They extend the Common Data Model with specific entities, processes, apps, etc. This provides a great head start for companies and partners implementing Dynamics 365 in those particular industries.
In this presentation Dani Kahil will cover the Components and Concepts of the Higher Education Accelerator, including his interpretation of how the Accelerator concepts fit within the Power Platform / Dynamics 365 ecosystem alongside other Apps.
Dani Kahil
Introduction, Demo and Practical scenarios of UI FLOW

Nijo Joseph
Hybrid data landscapes are common for enterprise customers. The on-premises data gateway enables connecting to data sources "behind a firewall" from online services (like Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate) without the need to move your data to the cloud.
Come to this session to learn about gateway architecture, configurations and new management features.
Nanddeep Nachan
This session will help you to understand building quick Canvas app with CDS, customizing it and deploying it.
Mahender Pal
The application UX is a key to better adoption. Adoption ties to revenue. This means your PowerApps app UX become more of a product than an internal tool to help productivity. How to create intuitive design? And what does intuitive design actually means? In my session I'll show you apps examples ("before-after" effect) and simple rules to follow, in order to increase adoption of your PowerApps apps (and revenue in result).
Michal Guzowski
Have you seen the scope control in list of Flow's actions? Have you ever thought how to use it and basically, why is it there? Maybe you have also noticed the "run after" functionality?
If you haven't had yet, or have had, but still in doubt how to, join this session!
You'll learn:
  • How and when to use those functionalities in your Flows
  • How to create a try-catch constructions
  • In which other patterns you can use them
Smart usage of scopes and run after functionalities helps your Flows to run really errorless. It's really good to be familiar with them.
Tomasz Poszytek

A believer in enabling organizations to work more effectively helping them to achieve it by leveraging their effectiveness through their business processes digitalization and optimization. Having a strong analytical background being a Business Analyst for years, he has lots of experience in Power Platform (PowerApps, Flow, PowerBi), but also in Nintex or Webcon. He really enjoys to continuously learn to stay up to date and to share his knowledge not only with his customers, but with technical communities as well.
He's building business processes and applications that are easy for users' to stick to, so they can follow and understand them. In overall he transforms processes to be more reliable and effortless.

Co-organizer of SharePoint Saturday Warsaw and active community member, blogger and international speaker.

We will be walking through several Dynamics 365 processes and building Power Automate Flows to replace them. While creating these Flows we'll discuss best practices and standards.
Jason Cosman
In this session, You will learn about the capabilities of Omnichannel for Customer Service and channel it supports. I will be demonstrating an Agent and Visitor’s Live chat from Power Apps Portal. So will learn also how to embed Chat widget to Power Apps Portal.
Ashish Rana