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The new new Customer Service Experience

Speaker: Mark Christie |

No time to keep upto date with all the new Applications and updates? Well Mark will run through how you can utilise Virtual Agent, Forms Pro, Flow to Field Service, PowerApps Portals & Remote Assist...... All in 1 hour

Extending D365 Talent with the PowerPlatform

Speaker: Malin Donoso Martnes |

This session will show you how you can use the PowerPlatform with Forms Pro, PowerApps Portals, PowerApps and Flow to extend Talent and making it an even better system!

Boost user experience in your business processes with Adaptive Cards

Speaker: Tomasz Poszytek |

Cards are in Office 365 for some time already. Originally created as Message Cards after some time rebuilt from nearly a scratch to become Adaptive Cards. Today they can be used in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This session will let you to learn: • What is a difference betweeen Message and Adaptive Cards, • How to design cards, • How to use them - a working example • What to expect from version 2.0 announced during MS Build conference. Process designers should make their processes as intuitive as possible, allowing their participants to take their part in the most effective way, whether this is an e-mail, Teams conversation or a task somewhere in Office 365. Using Cards helps creating new channel for efficient participation in business processes.

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