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Microsoft Flow Expressions

Speaker: Reza Dorrani |

Expressions Overview Anatomy of an Expression Types of Expressions Where can Expressions be Used Data Types Expression Functions Limitations Best Practices Demo

Getting creative with PowerApps Component Framework

Speaker: Roohi Shaikh |

The session will include the following 1. intro to pcf 2. Pcf architecture 3. Walk through creating a field type component. 4. Debugging your component 5. Packaging n deploying your component 6. Walk through creating components for dataset

Accessibility - all that a consultant needs to know

Speaker: Yawer Iqbal |

Accessibility for people with special needs is an essential consideration for the public sector and enterprise projects. Learn what accessibility is and why it is crucial. I will share my experience and learning while making d365 projects accessibility compliance. "Accessibility" is not just for people working with UI; instead, it is relevant to consultants, developers, testers and others. This session aims to give an overview of what needs to be done to make a D365 project accessibility compliance.

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