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An all demo view of Microsoft’s new Power platform

Speaker: Chuck Sterling |

While you may already familiar with Power BI, PowerApps and perhaps Microsoft Flow; you may not know that Microsoft is bringing these tools together into a unified brand called: the Microsoft Power platform. In this session Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Charles Sterling will give an all demo introduction to these products AND how you can use these products together with other offerings such as their new database engine called Common Data Service for Apps and Microsoft Forms to create very sophisticated “no code/low code” solutions for Business Analysts and citizen developers.

Working with Liquid Templates in Power Portals

Speaker: Jim Novak |

Take a look under the hood of Dynamics Portals one of it's building blocks: Liquid Templates. Where did Liquid Templates originate, where can we use them in our Portals Solution, and what are some real world examples of customizing Power Portals with Liquid Templates

Using Microsoft Flow with PowerApps

Speaker: Jason Cosman |

We will be going through capabilities of Microsoft Flow being utilized from PowerApps. We then will take our PowerApp and Flow discuss the ALM capabilities within a solution.

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