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Intro to Power Apps Portals

Speaker: Nick Doelman |

Model-Driven and Canvas based Power Apps provide incredibly powerful tools for building business applications for internal users. What about external audiences such as customers and partners? Introducing Power Apps Portals! Jumpstart your Power Apps Portals projects as we walk through provisioning a new portal, configuring it to your brand, and securely exposing Common Data Service (CDS) data to external audiences.

Join event here: http://aka.ms/power24group1 

ALM with Dynamics 365 and Azure DevOps

Speaker: James Stephens |

In this session, we will have a broad overview the tools available and steps to take for developers to implement an application lifecycle management process for Dynamics 365 using Azure DevOps.

​​​​​​​Join event here: http://aka.ms/power24group1 

Pro Tips to improve PowerApps performance

Speaker: Daniel Christian |

Now that you've gotten familiar with building some amazing forms or apps using zero or low-code, let's focus our attention on improving its performance. In this session, Daniel Christian, a Business Solutions Microsoft MVP and an early adopter of the Power Platform, will cover how you can plan building design of your app, choosing suitable functions and leveraging tools to significantly impact your app performance. This is a demo heavy session where you'll first-hand see what you should and should not do.

​​​​​​​Join event here: http://aka.ms/power24group1 

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