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Why you really need Azure Functions

Speaker: Jason Lattimer |

 Why You Really Need Azure Functions


Join Business Solutions MVP Jason Lattimer on Tuesday May 16 at 9am pacific. 


Have some code that's maybe not quite a full application that you need to deploy without worrying about the hassle of managing environments? Well look no further than Azure Functions! Yes, you're probably thinking there's already a dozen other ways to host an application that you already know about so why think about another? Azure Functions provide a uniquely flexible platform which allows developers to deploy code in multiple ways using multiple languages while being able to bind directly Azure or HTTP based triggers. If that doesn't sound appealing then at least you could tell everyone you're going serverless, which sounds cool, right? In this session we'll explore scenarios where using Azure Functions could be useful, pros and cons compared to other technologies, and plenty of examples to give you some ideas. 

IFD Deployments of Dynamics

Speaker: Chris Cognetta |

IFD Deployments of Dynamics

Join Business Solutions MVP Chris Cognetta on Tuesday June 6 at 9am pacific.  In today's Dynamics CRM deployments, internet-facing deployments and the mobile worker need to be considered. This intermediate, technical presentation will help you understand how to install ADFS/IFD for your Dynamics CRM system and support Mobile CRM scenarios.

Building a Dynamics 365 .NET Applications with Adoxio Connect Framework

Speaker: Colin Vermander |

Building a Dynamics 365 .NET Applications with Adoxio Connect Framework


The primary purpose behind the Adoxio Connect Framework was to help facilitate an easy server-to-server connection for a Web App. By using the Adoxio Connect Framework it helps by providing an implementation of OrganizationWebProxyClient and Active Directory Authentication Library so that you can easily interact through the Dynamics 365 SDK within your application using this new authentication option. This session will walk you through building ASP.NET MVC and Web API project, console application, and Azure Function App with the Adoxio Connect Framework to build your next gen modern Dynamics 365 applications.

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